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Former county manager praised for work with local library system


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Former county manager George Wood received recognition for his work with the Lincoln County library system at the North Carolina Public Library Director’s Association annual Award Banquet earlier this month. The association presented Wood with the 2013 Library Champion Award in Chapel Hill on Dec. 5 for his support of the Lincoln County Public Library as well as for his active role in facilitating the library’s transition from a regional to a county library system in 2012-2013.

The award recognizes the commitment Wood and the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners made to the community to provide them with quality services through a more vibrant library.

According to the press release, Wood kept a close working relationship with both library and county information technology staff throughout the library’s first year as a county system to ensure the transition went smoothly. Over the course of that year, the library was connected to the county’s network, developed a website, established its own catalog and circulation system, set up ordering and processing services, designed new library cards and implemented a county-wide courier.

Lincoln County Public Library Director Jennifer Sackett has witnessed Wood’s dedication to the library firsthand.

“George recognizes the value a strong public library brings to its local community,” Sackett said in a press release. “He believes everyone should have access to a library whether it’s to find a book or use a computer.”

In June, Governor Pat McCrory appointed Wood to the North Carolina State Library Commission.

Sackett stated that “George Wood is a true champion of public libraries, and now the entire state of North Carolina will benefit through his involvement with the commission.”

According to their press release, The North Carolina Public Library Directors’ Association “recognizes libraries annually for outstanding initiatives related to programming, facilities, public relations, and staff development as well as individuals who have contributed to the support and advancement of public libraries in North Carolina.”


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