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Maiden police warn about telephone scam

Staff report

The Maiden Police Department issued a press release on Thursday warning the public of a recent phone scam targeting a number of citizens’ bank accounts.
Police said the scammers call residents, telling them they have won a vehicle or large amount of money.
The callers then demand the individual send money to them via Western Union to cover taxes and fees on the prize, which won’t be delivered until payment is received, police said.
Below is a list of tips officers believe will prevent scammers from victimizing individuals in the future:

Never give out personal information to a stranger over the phone.
Never send money in order to receive a prize.
Never cash money orders or checks received in the mail that require depositing the check and wiring money to a third party.
Beware of callers posing as family members or friends needing assistance for an emergency. Ask the caller questions that only the person they claim to be would know.
Do not send money to anyone offering to purchase foreign lottery tickets.
Never trust a caller who demands the details of a conversation be kept from family or police.
Be wary of letters/email correspondence from individuals claiming to be from a foreign country and needing to get their wealth out of the country.
When in doubt, check with someone trustworthy before taking any kind of action; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
For more information, contact the Maiden Police Department at (828) 428-5005.

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