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Extension’s 2013 4-H Science Fair

Contributed / Caleb Streets presents his Candy Rocket science project as part of the Lincoln County Cooperative Extension’s 2013 4-H Science Fair, held earlier this month. Eight members, ages 4 to 8, from the 4-H program’s Cloverbuds group, participated in the event’s 1st Annual 4-H Junior Science Geeks Fair. Engineer Jesus Gonzalez headed the group, with each child sharing a unique science project, some of which included candy rockets, boiling ice and a table hovercraft. Additional experiments demonstrated how leaves change colors, how to clean pennies and even how to make marshmellows dance. A total of 13 youth and their parents attended the fair. Program Associate Fran Senters praised the event. “I’ve witnessed excitement of youth in their learning process,” she said, “but you could actually feel the energy exploding in the room. They were already planning their project for 2014.”

Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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