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Newly elected city officials sworn in


Staff Writer

Lincolnton’s City Council members honored their election winners — two incumbent council members and a newly elected councilman — during the swearing in ceremony at their meeting Thursday night.

“I am looking forward to doing some great things with this council, things that will make Lincolnton the best place in North Carolina to live,” Mayor John Gilleland said.

At this time, the mayor announced the councilmen’s various appointments. Councilman Les Cloninger was appointed to the ABC Board, the Library Board and the Lincoln Cultural Center. Councilman Larry Mac Hovis was appointed to the Lincolnton Housing Authority, the Tourism Development Authority and the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Airport Authority. Councilman Devin Rhyne was appointed as a delegate to the Executive Committee of Centralina Council of Governments as well as to the Recreation Commission. Gilleland was appointed to the Lincoln Economic Development Association. Director of Public Works and Utilities Steve Peeler will serve as a delegate for the N.C. Municipal Power Agency, with Gilleland and City Manager Jeff Emory serving as alternate delegates. The councilmen also determined that Hovis would serve as the Mayor Pro Tempore this term, and that City Attorney TJ Wilson would continue to serve as City Attorney.

Several community members were also reappointed and newly appointed to committees and boards to begin serving a three-year term in January. Randy Ramsey was reappointed to serve on the ABC Board. Ralph Lineberger and Chaddie Law were reappointed to serve on the Housing Authority. Jimmy Sain was reappointed to serve on the Historic Properties Committee, and Anita McCall and Tom Hawk were appointed to serve on the Planning Board. New appointments included John Anderson to the Airport Authority, Mary Frances White to the Housing Authority and Bill Ritter to the Planning Board.

During the meeting, councilmen continued their discussion as to whether the proposed Special Event and Film guidelines should be deemed a policy or ordinance. The decision was postponed during last month’s council meeting. The council unanimously decided to divide the guidelines into two categories, declaring a Special Event Policy and a Film Ordinance. A public hearing will be held at the council’s January meeting to amend the City’s Code regarding the new Film Ordinance.

An application request was also heard regarding the conditional use rezoning of a property on Highway 150 East. Applicants William Wright and William Hovis applied for the conditional use permit to allow them to operate an automobile sales lot and office on the property. Council members unanimously approved the permit. Applicant Thomas Ivey also requested a conditional use permit to operate an automobile sales lot. The property is located at 210 North Generals Boulevard. Council members also unanimously approved Ivey’s permit.

Lincolnton resident Sandy Dellinger addressed the council regarding her concern over the stoplight on Bonview Avenue. Presently, the stoplight is set on caution. Dellinger hopes the signal can be reverted back to a traditional stoplight due to safety concerns. Council members reported that over the past several years, there has been some controversy over whether a traditional stoplight is truly necessary. Councilmen Eaddy and Hovis both felt that instead of changing the stoplight, officials should address the speed limit on that road. After some discussion, the council members decided to investigate further into the matter over the next few weeks to determine their best options to address the situation. Dellinger’s concern is scheduled to be readdressed during the January meeting.


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