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Hospital presented replica of Abernethy Farm

Jaclyn Anthony / Lincoln Times-News Members of the Abernethy family stand with the model replica of their family farm, which stood on the site now occupied by the hospital. Pictured are (from left) Rachel Abernethy, William ‘Bo’ Abernethy, Mason Cagle, Fran Cagle, Charlie Cagle, Lyla Cagle and Rachel Cagle.





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Carolinas Medical Center Lincoln now hosts a piece of their past in the hospital’s front lobby.

Hospital administrators and staff honored William “Bo” Andrew Abernethy and his model replica of the hospital property Monday afternoon.

The handcrafted scale model depicts the Abernethy Farm as it was prior to the sale of the property to Carolinas Healthcare System in 2008. The hospital finished construction and opened to the public in July of 2010. The Abernethy Farm, established in 1925, rested on 55.8 acres of farmland.

During the reception, Abernethy explained to those attending the various components of the replica.

“The wood for all of the buildings and base are made out of the cedar that came off the farm itself,” Abernethy said. “It was pretty tedious to split all the wood for those little fences. It’s not that good, but it’s all by hand.”

Daughter Fran Cagle describes her father as a “true southern gentleman” and a modest man.

“He’s the type that if someone’s trying to raise money to put a roof on their house, he’ll write a check but won’t tell anybody,” Cagle said. “He’s not one to sing his own praises. If he can do something anonymously to help someone, it’s even better.”

Before he constructed the farm replica, Abernethy began his woodworking hobby by building birdhouses from the cedar trees on the property. Today, several of his wooden birdhouses can be seen along the hospital’s walking trail. The house Abernethy and his wife currently reside in is located on the hospital property. According to Cagle, a living trust was established so that the couple could live there as long as they were able to.

President and CEO Pete Acker thanked Abernethy and his family for their contribution to the community.

“We truly thank you for your gift and what you’ve done to serve our community,” Acker said. “If [the property] couldn’t be a farm to help the community, a hospital seems like the next best thing. This hospital would not have happened without the generosity and support of the Abernethy family.”


Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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