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Reader’s Forum — 12-2-13

Safe sidewalks are taking second place
This letter is in reply to a recent letter concerning leaf collection by city workers. I agree with the writer; we live in a great city with fantastic sanitation and street maintenance departments. However, on the subject of lawn, leaf and waste collections, I feel the need to address a safety issue on city streets, South Aspen in particular. More times than not, traffic is exceeding the speed limit coming into town, making walking, biking and jogging dangerous. To compound this safety issue, some homeowners frequently block sidewalks with lawn waste, leaves, trash and yes, even vehicles, forcing pedestrians, joggers and cyclists onto the street to avoid these obstacles. I’m sure this is not the only street in town with this problem. The city needs to address this issue. There are city ordinances that prohibit this practice. Sidewalks are not the exclusive property of homeowners; they belong to everyone. Please, before someone gets injured or killed, address this sidewalk issue.
Jamye Exton

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