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Our View: The good news

We occasionally hear complaints about our publishing “bad” news too frequently.
The reality is that, as news gatherers, we have a solemn responsibility for publishing both the bad and the good with impartiality.
But given the content of our edition this past Friday (Nov. 29), we doubt we’ll hear any of those “bad news” complaints.
The story of Austin Lute, a 5-year-old Lincoln County boy who is battling Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a rare form of cancer, was particularly touching. Lute has been the recipient of emotional and financial support not only from his parents and family, but from Lincolnton photographer Sharon Vickers.
Vickers did a photography session with the Lute family free of charge and, as a cancer survivor herself, felt the need to do what she could to help alleviate the family’s financial hardship. The Lutes recently lost their home as a result of Austin’s costly medical treatment and, along with Vickers, have been holding fundraisers and seeking donations to help make ends meet.
The Lute family is optimistic, and Austin’s prognosis is good.
These are the kinds of stories, the good news, that far outweigh the bad. We live in a world where it sometimes feels like negativity is at every turn, but all it takes is one story like Austin’s to bring the faith back.
We can all get a lesson from that story — it takes just one person doing the right thing to make a real difference in someone else’s life.

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