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OUR VIEW — Support small businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of this country.

Many of us work, or have worked, for a small business. The small business proprietor offers something that operations managed by huge corporations can’t — a real sense of shared responsibility and longevity in this community, a personal touch, the knowledge that the man or woman calling the shots at the business is never too far away.

Small businesses in Lincoln County have had an unparalleled impact. This newspaper, for example, is a small business that is deeply invested in seeing businesses and individuals in the community be prosperous and has an ownership that lives right here in Lincoln County. No one can argue reasonably that Lincoln County isn’t a better place thanks to the Lincoln Times-News, and the same can be said for the numerous other small businesses that operate here.

Small Business Saturday, Nov. 30, is an opportunity to visit some of the small businesses in Lincoln County and show them their value by supporting them through purchases. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the so-called “big box” stores — the reality is that many times they’ll be able to offer better deals to the consumer because of their purchasing power which is so much greater than that which the small business possesses. And they employ a large number of people, though the quality of those jobs and the wages earned in them have sometime been questioned.

But, all things being equal, when you shop at a small business you know you’re helping to pay for rental space or a mortgage or a car payment for one of your neighbors rather than helping pad the corporate profits of a national or international business.

Small businesses are an asset to this community. Let’s prove it.

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