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A week to remember, or best forgotten


Guest Columnist

I didn’t have a clue when I crawled from the bed Monday morning that this would be a week to remember.

It was supposed to be another “normal” week, but it started off on the wrong foot and from then on I couldn’t keep my shoes tied.

I made a quick trip to the library because I read all my books over the weekend. I selected my six books, headed for checkout when the library aide asked if I wanted to renew a certain one.

I didn’t have another book out, but I told her I would go home and look. Shortly after returning home, I got a call that the book had been found in the library. That took care of that.

Things really started unraveling when I arrived at the doctor’s office and the receptionist told me that it was not me but my other half who had the appointment.

Well, I said I will take this one and he can come later.

Nothing wrong with me that needs fixing today, just a checkup.

But, I told her that I had switched my supplemental insurance policy so she would have to make new copies of the card for my file.

My insurance cards were in my wallet, but my wallet was not in my handbag. I told her that when I went home I would bring my cards back. That was going to be after I found my wallet.

That would be after I took my car back to the garage that was supposed to have fixed my heater. My car was nice and warm but it had gained a clunk, clunk, clunking noise when turning either right or left, along with greasy floor mats.

Well, I tried to calm my hissy fit as I told the mechanic about the clunking noise and the greasy floor mats and what I thought was a pretty hefty bill. My heater heated but I was afraid to turn left.

This young man has dealt with old women before. He was so polite, so calm, so helpful telling me that my car would be available soon and that my mats would be cleaned and how sorry he was that I had problems and why didn’t I have a fresh cup of coffee while he had someone to finish the job.

I did. I sipped coffee while trying to decide what else I had to do before going home to search for my wallet that held cards more valuable than the money inside.

Wallet found. Heater fixed. Turkey roasted. Family home. Many thanks.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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