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Leaves, leaves everywhere

I live on a tree lined street in the City of Lincolnton. The trees outlining our lot provide a wonderful shade in the July and August sun, a welcome relief.

Fall arrives in October and November, bringing the leaves to the ground. They fall and fall and fall. With rake in hand we soon forget the shade of summer. I attempt to mulch most with the mower or vigorously attack them with a mighty rake. One might say wait until all of them fall and make one effort to remove, but those of us who have leaves know the job is easier to attack a few than a colossal mountain. The penalty for our summer shade is at hand. We fight this battle for six weeks or longer before all are gone. Every week we have a large pile on the edge of our lot and the city leaf department is quick to remove them. Normally a day or two after the huge pile is in place the city leaf truck will appear and the leaves vanish. We are thrilled at their fast response. I will look to the edge of our lot and say, “The leaf truck has already picked up our leaves.” Nothing makes our day more than their quick response.

From my point of view, this department provides a superb job of rapidly removing leaves — hats off for a job well done to a great department with the City of Lincolnton. This department is the best. I think these personnel should ride with the City Council in the parade at Christmas. Thank you, thank you and thank you.


Don Ballard



Go no-kill by controlling breeding

Every caring person wants to end the need to euthanize cats and dogs for lack of homes, but shelters that try to become “no-kill” before animal births are under control only increase the number of stray, homeless, and abandoned animals —something most citizens don’t want to see or experience (“Animal shelter goes ‘no-kill,’” 11/20).

To avoid euthanasia, shelters have to turn away animals when their cages fill up (which is almost constantly) or warehouse them in stacked cages like old shoes. One “no-kill” shelter that recently reviewed its records found that 1,000 cats were on its waiting list — turned away because there was no room.

When animals are rejected by shelters, people who can’t care for them often turn to dumping, shooting, or fatally neglecting them. Unspayed and unneutered animals who remain in the community breed and reproduce exponentially, creating even more homeless animals.

I encourage Lincoln County to become “no-kill” the humane and sustainable way — by first becoming “no-birth.” Passing mandatory spay/neuter legislation and outlawing the unregulated breeding and sale of animals by breeders, pet shops, flea markets, and puppy mills are the keys to reaching the day when every animal has a loving home. To learn more, visit www.PETA.org.


Teresa Chagrin

Animal Care & Control Specialist


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