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Thanksgiving dinner brings them home

Guest columnist

I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving. A turkey in the freezer is waiting to be thawed, roasted and ready for its place on my kitchen table.
I’ve alerted the family and friends that we will eat at noon and there will be food and leftovers for all who show up for lunch.
It takes a little longer now for me to get it ready so I will start early in the day and we will have hot  rolls along with the fresh cranberry sauce that my family always looks forward to.
I feel really blessed when I have my family and friends around the small kitchen table. It sometimes gets a little crowded in my very small kitchen, but there’s always room for another chair. I miss that large country kitchen that we used to have, but only when others are sharing.
I was pleased when our granddaughter asked for “the farmhouse table” when she moved into a larger house. A small round table serves the two of us well.
It’s amazing when you look back at how much life has changed and how you adjusted to the change.
It’s almost like you get up one day and all that noise and activity that comes with having a family with lots of people coming and going has disappeared and you now have a quiet house with a small kitchen.
But if there’s anything that senior citizens have to master it’s change, because as each day dawns, it brings some more.
The biggest change is the one that lets you know your parts are not working too well. No leaf raking, no shrub trimming, not much ironing and very little cleaning under beds.
We never gave a thought that someday someone else would be doing these things.
Yardmen trim shrubbery, neighbors blow leaves from driveways, shirts come from the laundry better looking and cleaning women take care of the dust under beds.
I just thought that I had to do these things. I never dreamed that soon I would be reading a book and others would be doing the work.
But back to that Thanksgiving dinner. It’s still my job and I’m not ready to give it up. I can still make turkey, dressing and gravy along with the best.
And my family will back this up and I’m very thankful, because as long as they like my cooking, they will be coming home for Thanksgiving.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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