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Our View: Making animal shelter ‘no-kill’ the right move

The Board of Commissioners did the right thing when they voted to adopt a “no-kill” philosophy at the Lincoln County animal shelter.
The five-member Republican board unanimously voted to support an attitude that’s in line with what most people believe — that adoptable animals in shelters should be given to loving, protective homes rather than euthanized.
The Commissioners should be commended for taking up this issue. It’s not one that’s likely to generate a lot of political clout, but it’s the right stance to take and it’s the right thing to do. It’s about human compassion and kindness toward animals, and it transcends any political labels.
The organization Make Lincoln County No Kill and officials from the county will now work together to implement the philosophy with the goal of a 90 percent or higher save rate for animals in the shelter. We hope they are successful.
But the commissioners’ vote won’t provide an overnight solution. The county leadership has shown that it is willing to do what it can to make Lincoln County’s shelter “no-kill” and that it supports the shelter moving in that direction, but a large part of the responsibility for saving animals’ lives falls on pet owners and individuals in the community.
Animals must be spayed or neutered, that’s a given. Pet owners and the community as a whole will have to be educated about the necessity of those procedures. Many organizations offer low-cost spays and neuters that pet owners need to take advantage of.
The next step in making the no-kill shelter a reality rather than a philosophy is an increase in animal adoptions. It will take many, many volunteer hours to get animals that would otherwise be euthanized adopted.
Contact www.makelincolncountynokill.org and find out where they could use your help. We can make this ambitious project a reality if we all work together.

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