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Thanks for recognizing veterans


I would like to thank the staff and students of Lincoln Charter School West campus for the honor they showed to the veterans at the Veteran’s Breakfast. Your kindness shown to all veterans will never be forgotten. I was asked what age I was when I joined the military. I joined the Army at age 18 and retired from the Air Force at age 39. I received 13 medals and a letter of appreciation from President Nixon and a letter of appreciation for the President of Korea, Kim Dae Jung for service rendered during the Korean War. I loved serving my Country. The military was good to me. The leadership and education I received will never be forgotten. The friends that I met in Korea, Japan, Germany and Thailand will never be forgotten. Again it has been an honor to serve the United States, and once again I want to thank the students and staff for their kindness shown to all Veterans.


Paul Canipe

USAF (Ret.)

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