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Parade organization lacking


I attended the Veterans Day Parade down town (on Monday). While I loved the parade and the people lining the streets, I was very upset by the planning. No one had blocked off the streets for the parade. I don’t know who was in charge of this but it was very upsetting. The parade was coming down East Main Street at the same time traffic was coming from around the Court Square. The oncoming cars could have hit someone standing in the streets or some of the people marching in the parade. A lot of people in the crowd were also upset by this. Not only was it unsafe, but our veterans deserve more respect than that. I hope the next parade is better organized.


Evelyn Helms


Letter misses the mark


 Don Ballard writes a good letter, putting all the blame for what’s wrong in our country on a weak leader.

Shame and more shame on you, Don, for forgetting about how the $17 trillion debt came about — two wars that Bush II started and couldn’t finish and a congress that has signed a pledge with the rich not to raise taxes and votes against any bill that the president presents.

Eisenhower was the last GOP president under which the rich paid their fair share. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. We have a House of Representatives who won’t even taste the water.


Rodney Black


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