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High school seniors gear up for college


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Seniors across Lincoln County are getting a jumpstart on their college applications. Next week, the high school seniors will participate in the statewide College Application Week, cosponsored by the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) and the Carolinas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (CACRAO).

As part of the CFNC-CACRAO college access initiative, West Lincoln High School, East Lincoln High School, Asbury Alternative School, Lincolnton High School, and North Lincoln High School will assist their seniors in completing and submitting at least one college application each, using the career and college information and planning site CFNC.org. The program encourages students to begin applying to North Carolina colleges early on in their senior year. Originally started as a pilot program for a North Carolina high school in 2005, the program expanded to all high schools statewide in 2008.

Next week, students may apply to any of North Carolina’s 58 community colleges, 36 independent colleges, and 16 state universities in which they are interested. During the weeklong event, 31 of the independent colleges and five state colleges have waived their application fees. Community colleges generally do not have an application fee.

According to West Lincoln High School Principal Dr. Cale Sain, more than 150 seniors from his school are expected to participate in College Application Week through the assistance of school counselors, the graduation coach and volunteers from Gaston College and the State Employees Credit Union.

The high school reported out of the 105 seniors that participated, 169 applications were submitted last year to colleges and universities.

“College applications can be daunting,” West Lincoln High School counselor Linda Hacker said. “This is a huge advantage for students and allows them to focus on getting their applications started.”


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