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Deputies: 1 of 2 teens escaped handcuffs following an arrest for vehicle break-ins




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One of two Catawba County teens arrested Thursday morning for breaking into vehicles at a Lincoln County business escaped handcuffs and fled the back of a patrol vehicle, deputies said.

Shortly after a Catawba County officer detained Jacob Andrew Royles, 17, of 5530 View Court Park in Hickory, the suspect escaped from deputies while they interviewed witnesses along Hoyle Road, the same location where officers apprehended him driving a brown pickup truck, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said.

He was located and re-arrested a short time later.

His alleged counterpart, Cody Ray Rice, 19, of 3025 Wesley Chapel Church Road in Newton, has also been charged.

The pair is accused of breaking the driver’s side window on three different vehicles in the parking lot of Jerry’s Body Shop and Used Cars, located on Smokey Dan Kennel Road in Vale, deputies said.

A man driving through the area grew suspicious, he told officers, when he spotted one of the suspects at the business holding a flashlight near the vehicles.

The teen attempted to hide from the witness, one of the suspect’s neighbors, by crouching behind a vehicle, deputies said.

The man turned his vehicle around and returned to the business to check on the teen, he told deputies, but the suspect fled the property upon his arrival.

The neighbor also gave officers the description of Royles’ pickup truck, which he witnessed speeding away from a nearby parking lot at Honey’s Supermarket and towards N.C. 10 in Catawba County.

Each teen was placed in the Harven A. Crouse Detention Center, Rice under a $15,000 secured bond and Royles under an $18,000 secured bond, and charged with three felony counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle and one felony count of conspiracy.

Rice faces an additional misdemeanor larceny charge, deputies said, while Royles faces two additional counts of misdemeanor larceny and one count of resisting, delaying and obstructing a public officer.

Lincoln County deputies who investigated the incident included Det. Thomas Laverde, Sgt. S. Pippen and Deputy T. Dellinger.

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