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OUR VIEW — Thank a veteran




We should treat every day like Veteran’s Day.

The United States’ position as one of the most wealthy and powerful nations on the planet means that, inevitably, there will always be new enemies for us. There will always be those who seek to do us harm, who disagree with our way of life and will do everything in their power to destroy it.

That’s where the brave men and women of our armed forces make their entrance.

Just as we will always have enemies, the power and nature of the American spirit means that there will always be individuals who would think nothing of sacrificing their bodies and lives to preserve the way of life we enjoy.

This faculty is not to be taken lightly. This country was birthed in the bloodshed of the American Revolution, held fast through the Civil War and stood for justice through the horrors of World War II and World War II and Vietnam.

The more recent conflicts shouldn’t be forgotten either. Only the turning pages of history will be able to tell us if the Gulf War and the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan served their purposes. But while the ink on those pages has yet to dry, it’s imperative to keep the veterans of those wars in mind, to cherish them and do everything in our power to transition them back into civilian life.

It’s the soldier who protects our right to print this newspaper and say the things we say in it. It’s the soldier who allows politicians to bicker and squabble and make laws, for good or ill. It’s the soldiers we have to thank for the time we spend peaceably with our families.

So thank a veteran today, shake their hand, tell them you appreciate what they’ve sacrificed for you.

And do it again tomorrow, and the next day.


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