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Lincoln County schools perform above state levels

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Lincoln County School s reported that they are above state proficiency in all areas Thursday. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction released the results for the 2012-2013 READY Accountability report. According to a Lincoln County Schools press release, the new model “focuses on career and college readiness measures with assessments including more real-world applications and open-ended questions at the secondary level.” The shift in focus from grade-level readiness to career and college readiness allows students to master more difficult material earlier in their education. North Carolina has had a school accountability program since 1996.
The district reported that 15 out of their 19 schools achieved expected growth, with eight of those schools exceeding expectations. West Lincoln Middle, North Lincoln Middle, East Lincoln High and West Lincoln High did not meet growth expectations. Iron Station, Northbrook, Pumpkin Center Intermediate, Rock Springs, St. James, Union, East Lincoln Middle and Lincolnton Middle exceeded growth expectations.
Officials say a drop in test scores is expected during this first year of implementation, but increases in test scores are anticipated for future years.
“Our teachers were faced with the challenges of a new curriculum and new, more rigorous assessments with higher standards,” Superintendent Sherry Hoyle said in her press release. “The bar has been set higher and, just as with similar changes in previous years, proficiency scores have dropped in the state. Lincoln County Schools is above the state average in all areas; however, we know that administrators are already making plans to work with teachers.”
Lincoln County Schools serves approximately 12,000 students.

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