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Let’s welcome the pilgrims before Christmas


Guest Columnist

We weathered Halloween with all the spooks and goblins and now let’s give time to the pilgrims and turkeys before the elves rush in with Santa and the reindeer.

The mailman delivered the Christmas catalogs before we threw out the pumpkins.

I remember when the holiday booklets were a real treat for the children. They carried them around trying hard to decide what they wanted Santa to bring. Each day they changed their mind and picked out something they wanted more.

Whatever Santa delivered seemed to make them happy. How can the children of today know what they really want? Their Christmas list fills a page and most will be discarded shortly after it arrives.

But what else can we expect of them? They ask and we give, trying hard to give them a childhood that we didn’t have. Never taking time to remember the good times we had with make believe, games, playhouses and paper dolls.

Then we got new tablets and pencils, not tablets that need no pencils, just an active thumb to twitter away when there’s no TV nearby. I doubt that these kids know what an eraser is. Just wipe it clean and start over.

Can you imagine what these children of today will tell their offspring about their childhood? And it’s beyond my imagination what they will have to say.

There’s much going on now that I can’t fathom why or understand its being. The other morning we were still sitting around the kitchen table finishing our coffee while reading the morning paper when there was a power surge.

When the power blinked, the refrigerator talked. We didn’t understand what it said, but did we want to know? We had not heard that before. We didn’t know it could talk. What if it’s listening and recording what we were talking about?

Pity those who would hear our conversation around the breakfast table as most mornings we share our ailments before coffee.

I can hear the grandchildren of tomorrow laughing as they hear the story of granny’s surprise when the refrigerator talked.

Likely, they will be wondering how we managed without appliances that chilled, cooked and cleaned up the kitchen.

But we know some good stories to tell. We have not forgotten ice boxes, corn shucking at Halloween, Thanksgiving turkey surrounded with homemade pies and cakes at grandma’s house, the box set in front of the fireplace with one toy, new gloves and stockings on Christmas morning.

Time changes, and each generation should have some good memories to share.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the

Lincoln Times-News.

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