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Actavis plant to shut down

Jaclyn Anthony / Lincoln Times-News Lincolnton’s Actavis plant will close by mid-2015.


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A Lincoln County manufacturing plant will start the process of closing its doors in the coming months, costing over 300 workers their jobs.

Actavis, a global manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, will complete the closing of its Lincolnton plant by mid-2015, according to company spokesman Charlie Mayr.

Mayr said the plant’s prescription drug production will be transferred to the company’s state-of-the-art Salt Late City, Utah facility, while the over-the-counter medications produced there will be taken over by third-party contractors.

Mayr said the company made the closure announcement to the plant’s staff on Thursday, 18 months before the first employees will be laid off, to give workers “as much notice as possible.”

Cliff Brumfield, Executive Director of the Lincoln Economic Development Association, said he was saddened by the news and that his thoughts and prayers went out to the Actavis employees who will be out of work. He also said plant closures such as this one were “the nature of business.”

Alex Patton, chairman of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners said the company would be sorely missed.

“They have been an outstanding part of our community for 24 years and they will be missed,” he said. “They have been leaders in volunteerism in our community. They will be missed and will definitely be hard to replace.”

Actavis acquired the Lincolnton plant in October 2012 after Watson Pharmaceuticals acquired the company and adopted its name.


Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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