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Rep. McHenry shares patriotism with kindergartners




Jaclyn Anthony / Lincoln Times-News Congressman Patrick McHenry reads to a group of kindergartners on a visit to Lincoln Charter School’s Lincolnton campus on Tuesday.




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While many residents of Lincoln County stopped by the voting polls Tuesday, one group of kindergarteners learned the importance of patriotism. The Lincolnton Campus kindergarteners of Lincoln Charter School spent their afternoon with Congressman Patrick McHenry and State Representative Jason Saine.

McHenry began his visit by talking to the children about the importance of making good choices.

“If you make good choices, you can get a good education,” McHenry said. “And if you get a good education, you could be a state representative, United States representative, or even the President of the United States.”

He further explained his point with the example of how wearing shorts during the winter season is a bad decision.

“If you make good decisions, you can make more decisions,” he said.

From there, he transitioned into the importance of patriotism, defining the word as a “love of one’s country.”

A school representative explained that each month has a theme students learn about. November’s theme is patriotism, which leads into December’s theme, gratitude.

McHenry then read “America the Beautiful: Together We Stand” to the children. The book illustrates the patriotic song, interspersed with former presidents’ quotes.

Students wrapped up the visit by asking questions about McHenry’s journey to becoming a congressman as well as his required duties.

When one female student inquired whether McHenry would ever consider running for president, McHenry jokingly responded, “not until Representative Saine does.”

According to the school’s website, Lincoln Charter School obtained its charter in 1997 and has three campuses across Lincoln County. Lincolnton’s campus hosts a K-9 program with approximately 540 students enrolled for the 2013-2014 school year.

In addition to sharing the importance of patriotism with students, McHenry has also been quite active recently in the political realm. Last week, McHenry announced that FEMA issued a federal disaster declaration regarding the flooding damage in Catawba and Lincoln counties on July 27. Governor Pat McCrory made the initial request to FEMA for disaster aid earlier this summer, which was denied. According to a press release from McHenry, FEMA claimed that the damage done by the flooding did not meet threshold for federal assistance.

After learning the request had been denied, McHenry worked with McCrory, North Carolina Emergency Management and Catawba Emergency Management to request FEMA send a team to Western North Carolina to reevaluate the storm damage. In addition to sending the reevaluation information to President Obama, McCrory also wrote an appeal, and McHenry attached a letter of support.




Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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