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Reader’s Forum — 11-6-13

Our congressional bunch
I, like many citizens, have followed the congressional journey to solve our National Health Care issues along with our $17 trillion debt and the urgent need to raise this limit. The battle has been fought with one side claiming victory and the other admitting they fought a good battle but lost. At this point the leader, our president, should step forward with the olive branch to smooth the journey for discussions to come. Instead, he continues to be combative and hostile by pointing fingers at the other side for holding up “his” progress. Frankly, I am “put out” with both sides or better yet, I am disappointed, upset, frustrated, dissatisfied and just plain appalled with their actions or lack of action. When a house is so bitterly divided a true leader should step up with a peace offering and define a path of negotiation through the maze, bringing the sides together. In this case, our leader is pouring more gasoline on the fire. Instead of offering an olive branch, compromise or reconciliation he continues to assault and snipe at the opposition. This leader (our leader) has not demonstrated the leadership skills, talent or ability to bring the group together. He is an excellent speaker and apparently very intelligent but his leadership and people skills are absent. These skills are learned and acquired by attempting to work together yet he continues to hammer away at what the other side has done wrong and continuing in their erroneous ways. Leadership through encouragement rather than criticism is more successful. He may be following the rules of politics, but is missing the spirit of true leadership. People buy into the leader before they buy into his vision. Leadership is influence, not authority; leadership provides guidance and direction. Our leader finds fault and he should find a remedy.
I believe that both sides are practicing “Social Engineering” — the art of manipulation.
The question needs to be posed, “How can we come together and resolve our issues?” Instead, he prefers the melee of battle. Shame on you Mr. President, shame, shame, shame. I say, put all of them in a room, lock the door and say,” find a solution before you come out — no food, vacations, breaks, maybe bathroom facilities, until a solution is found.
Maybe we should all pray for our leader and congress, if only they would listen.
Don Ballard

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