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City apartment complexes to enforce smoking ban on tenants


Some apartment complexes in Lincolnton are opting for a smoke-free environment. Starting Jan. 1, Hillside, Riverside and Woodmont Apartments, along with 246 other properties managed by Partnership Property Management of Greensboro, are scheduled to enact the ban.
In a press release, Rick Allen, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of PPM, said, “the best way to protect our property and our residents from secondhand smoke and the risk of fire is to stop allowing smoking in our buildings.”
Currently, PPM manages properties in five states. Residents were informed starting in April to prepare for the change.
According to Allen, there are significant costs in maintaining a smoke-friendly complex.
He states that a smoking unit costs significantly more than a non-smoking unit to prepare for new tenants. In addition, there have been complaints regarding secondhand smoke drifting into nearby units. Allen also stressed the fire hazard risks permitting indoor smoking in units.
“Our residents are the heart of our company,” said Allen. “We want to protect their health as well as the health and future of our properties.”

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