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Reader’s Forum — 10-30-13

Vote for Republicans
Anyone who knows of John Gilleland’s work as Mayor of Lincolnton knows that his mission is to make Lincolnton the very best it can be. He is not merely a ribbon-cutting figurehead Mayor but a good leader and decision maker with good ideas.  He really cares about what Lincolnton is, and where it is going. The opposition party has also recognized this, and has decided not run anyone against Mayor Gilleland for reelection.
What many of Lincolnton’s citizens do not realize is that the Mayor’s suggestions and ideas, in many cases, do not come to fruition because of the constant opposition he encounters from the 3-1 liberal majority bias on our city council. Mayor Gilleland and Councilman Devin Rhyne have fought to reduce waste by implementing sound fiscal responsibility and better accountability, but the only answer offered by the democrats is more spending and more taxes. As has been said before, “we are already more highly taxed than any of our neighboring cities, yet we fall behind in the benefits they offer their citizens”.
The voters of Lincolnton are being given a great opportunity to give Mayor Gilleland the help he needs in accomplishing his goals by reelecting Devin Rhyne and electing Jay Thomas to our City Council, thus giving balance to the City Council. Let’s not squander this chance to put our city on sound footing, and get rid of the irresponsible spending and taxing of the past.
Be part of Lincolnton’s renaissance of prosperity with your support and votes for Gilleland, Thomas and Rhyne. Remember — “It Takes 3.”  Vote early or on election day, Nov. 5.
Gene Poinsette

Real differences between candidates
As early voting for the city continues and Election Day is only a week away, I wanted to respond to some comments made by other readers and reinforce the differences clearly made by the candidates in last week’s forum.
First, there was an opinion written by a couple of concerned citizens pertaining to the honesty and integrity of the Republican city council candidates. Let me assure you Devin Rhyne, John Gilleland and Jay Thomas are of upmost honesty and integrity. The signs about the trash tax have stayed in place for a couple of reasons. It is a reminder to all the citizens of Lincolnton that the Democrat majority on the city council implemented this tax and removed it only as a political move to recoup votes they may have cost Martin Eaddy and Mary Frances White. Everyone knows the tax is now temporarily repealed but the cans are a reminder that the trash tax will come back if the city does not elect fiscally conservative, tax saving, business-minded members to city council like Gilleland, Thomas and Rhyne. It takes three to make real change for the betterment of Lincolnton.
Secondly, candidates Eaddy and White made some rather status-quo, keep-things-the-same comments in last week’s forum and during interviews with local media. Listen and read carefully as they say they are against a trash tax as a source of revenue for the city but offer no alternatives or mention anything about wanting to lower your taxes. Lincolnton has the highest tax rate in the area for cities its size. Lincolnton is a beautiful city and is well maintained. Other cities and towns accomplish these same services but at significantly lower tax rates. Candidate Eaddy made comments during last week’s forum that got applause from his supporters questioning Mayor Gilleland and Councilman Rhyne’s ability to lower taxes. Eaddy basically said they have promised it for four years but have yet to accomplish lowering taxes. Candidate Eaddy, It Takes Three. It takes three votes on any issue brought before the city council and you know this. So, while your comments and others comments may get a rise out of your supporters, it is factually off-base and insults the intelligence of the citizens you claim to be concerned for. Do the math, high tax rate, playing politics with the trash tax, and emphasizing more government involvement in your city equals business as usual in Lincolnton. This type of math does not add up in the end and smells of dishonesty itself.
In closing, Mayor Gilleland, Councilman Rhyne, and Jay Thomas have real concerns for the tax payers of Lincolnton and want to show their business approach will save money and lower your taxes. A conservative, tax lowering approach to the city council will encourage business growth which will ultimately lower the taxes for citizens while keeping services the same. That kind of math adds up. Remember it takes three to change your city for the better. Vote for Jay Thomas, Devin Rhyne, and John Gilleland on Nov. 5.
Jon Propst
Lincoln County GOP Chairman

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