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200+ strong at class reunion

Contributed / 1960-1970 LHS class reunion photo at the OD Resort.

When the planning committee for the LHS 1960 – 1970 Reunion started meeting and discussing the reunion, they had a very conservative view on how many people would actually attend.  The reunion exceeded all of their hopes!  Classmates started gathering at Ocean Drive on Thursday, October 10.  Some were there before that!   There were former LHS Wolves from Texas, Florida, NC, SC, and places in between.  Some had not seen their former classmates since graduation day.
As soon as the doors opened in the Hospitality Room on Thursday, classmates and their guests began to drift in.  Registration didn’t even start until 1pm on Thursday.  That didn’t stop anyone.  People were ready to register and start the fun at 9am!  And committee members accommodated them.   That room was filled with happy voices for three days.  People gathered to see who was there.  Hugs, tears, smiles were the order of the day.  Classmates wandered across the street  to “downtown”, they walked on the beach.  There was a corn hole tournament, bingo, dance lessons, and much more.
But eventually they all came back to the Hospitality Room.  That is where the daytime action was.  And if you wanted to know who was there, just hang out in that room.  Eventually everyone would show up there to see their friends.  There was a board to leave messages for your buddies, snacks and drinks, a continuous playing show of deceased classmates.
In the evenings, classmates and guests gathered for some good old beach music.  Dj’s played every night.  Line dance lessons were given each day.  Some loved to shag and did it well.  Some loved to watch others dance.  Some wanted to see and be seen.  One evening, there was a very moving ceremony to remember our deceased members and to honor our veterans.
In addition to the camaraderie, there were t-shirts for sale and a silent auction was going on all weekend.  People spent some time bidding on items and ribbing others to not bid on items.  They wanted  to keep the price lower so they could purchase it.  Of course that only made others bid on it !  Lots of friendly competition, lots of ribbing, and eventually the items were sold.  The money from the auction will be used as start-up money for the 2014 reunion.
In January of 2013, when the committee started to reserve ballrooms, dj’s and caterers, they had to dip into their own pockets and ask businesses in the community to donate money.  There was no start up money.  Our sponsors provided cash, door prizes, refreshments, silent auction items.    Some of them chose to sponsor a day in the Hospitality Room, some donated a DJ session, some gave gift certificates.  All gave from the heart and made a difference in our reunion.
On Sunday morning, the classmates and guests (by Sunday there was no distinction between the two) gathered around the pool for a short prayer and scripture.  Then the good-byes began!  Good-bye was limited to “until next year” because everyone said they would return for more fun next year!  Hopefully those classmates who attended will contact their classmates who didn’t attend.  Next year, the committee hopes to have even more people, even more surprises!  All LHS Wolves who were scheduled to graduate between the years of 1960 and 1970 are encouraged to attend.  And to bring a guest.
Check out the website (Lhs60to70.com  )  for information on details of LHS 1960 – 1970 Reunion 2014.  That is where it will be posted as soon as it is firmed up.   Most everyone who is eligible to attend is listed on the web site.  If you are a former Wolf, please check your information and update it if it isn’t correct or if it changes.  If your name is not on the website, please send an email to  information@lhs60to70.com

Image courtesy of KaAnSuli | Lincoln Times-News

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