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We all need some good entertainment


Guest Columnist

Members of Lincolnton’s Business and Professional Women’s group has a special way of entertaining and they put it to work each year when they host a notable event recognizing those of us who were once named Woman of the Year.

It was a breakfast and the food was good, decorations beautiful, door prizes great, but it was the warm welcome that made the day.

President Rhonda Hunter kept the morning going by calling on the honorees one by one to offer a “pearl of wisdom” from their working years.

These (mostly retired) working women offered some serious, some humorous and some rusty ideas for career women.

They’ve had many years on the workforce, some still there, so their advice was worth hearing.

These tidbits ranged from — get a good haircut, don’t quit, be nice, be kind — to many ways of doing good work while on the job.

Many door prizes were distributed along with table gifts of wine jelly to the two oldest sitting there. It’s really good on hot biscuits.

I visited the Cultural Center twice during the weekend. After Saturday’s breakfast with the BPW, on Sunday I went with a friend to see the Theatre Guild’s latest comedy.

If you haven’t seen the “Southern Fried Murder” you have a couple more chances this weekend.

So don’t miss seeing some people you know turn into someone you wouldn’t know on stage. Don’t choose an end seat; you may be tapped to fill a role.

Sunday’s pick was a good one. He may be on stage again soon.

As usual, I was not only entertained, I was captivated by the actors’ ability to perform.

The Theatre Guild is to be complimented for their choice of plays and performers. It’s a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

We all need some good entertainment.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the

Lincoln Times-News.

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