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McHenry to face Republican challenger



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Belmont resident Richard Lynch announced earlier this week that he intends to run against Congressman Patrick McHenry in the Republican primary for North Carolina’s 10th District congressional seat. In his press release, Lynch states that he has worked as a manufacturer and entrepreneur.

Although Lynch’s background is in entrepreneurial business, he is not new to political campaigning. In 1993, Lynch was a gubernatorial candidate for New Jersey, and in 2012, he was a North Carolina congressional candidate.

Serving his fifth term in Congress, McHenry has more experience in the government sector. However, Lynch believes that experience in politics will only carry one so far.

“Congress does not need experienced politicians,” said Lynch. “Congress needs people who have suffered the hardships created by those experienced politicians.”

A self-proclaimed “constitutional preservationist,” Lynch stresses the need to return to constitutive government. He has worked to devise a five-step plan that he believes will make this possible.

“We must get back to the founding principles of freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility,” said Lynch. “But most importantly, we must acknowledge that it was those principles coupled with our constitution and a free market enterprise system of government that created the greatest nation on the face of the earth.”

Lynch believes that the media as well as political opponents often misdirect people from the true issues at stake, turning it instead into a personal attack. He hopes that voters will choose to focus on educating themselves and asking the questions necessary to ensure honest answers.

“Instead of people voting for rhetoric and empty promises, people really need to listen to what politicians are trying to deliver,” said Lynch.

North Carolina’s 2014 primary voting is scheduled for this coming May. For more information regarding Lynch’s campaign, go to www.richardlynchforcongress.com.

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