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“Pair of elephants come to Buffalo Beals”

 Animal exhibitor William Morris, who provided the elephants who recently came to a local roadside zoo, has a dismal history that is in the public record. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has cited Morris for repeated failure to provide adequate veterinary care, shelter from the elements, adequate ventilation and for failure to provide a nutritional diet to two underweight elephants.

But besides his violations, Morris’ circus-style sideshow demeans elephants and teaches children that forcing elephants to perform silly stunts is acceptable. Elephants don’t “dance” or balance on pedestals by choice; they do so because disobeying means getting whacked with a bullhook — a heavy baton with a sharp steel hook on the end that resemble fireplace pokers.

Elephants are hit with these cruel devices until they give up all hope and submit.  When not performing, most captive elephants spend their lives in chains.

Families who care about animals will never support these kinds of cruel shows.

Jennifer O’Connor

Staff Writer, PETA Foundation

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