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Trading stories with old school friends



There’s something wonderful about visiting with old school friends. They have remained loyal and fun to be with through the years.

I mingled with some during last week’s reunion of North Brook classes of 49’ and 50’. Not many showed up, but then not many remain.

Those who remain have lived through some tough times, but living through 80-plus years can bring on some problems.

There’s something about getting together with these folks year after year. We’re so glad to meet again. There’s a link that has held and it still makes us eager to get together.

We’ve kept in touch by meeting annually and trading stories of others through friends and relatives.

We also try to keep each other informed with news of illness and death among our group and let it be known that we care.

Ida Boyles Burton has assumed the role of getting the reunion going year after year. Her phone calls remind members of reunion time while Junior Brendle urges others to round up the absent ones.

If there’s something wonderful about getting together with old school chums, then it’s also pretty good to find a full table of friends when you’re out for a chili supper.

I didn’t need an invitation to push up another table and keep the talk going.  When it’s been a while since visiting there’s a lot to be said.

And all at once most of us are talking. Then I heard that I must hear about this friend’s neighbor, who is a remarkable person.

Well, I have some of those, but I listened as I was told about this woman who has dedicated her life to caring for two handicapped sons.

That is a beautiful story and if anyone has ever doubted the strength and endurance of a mother who needs to care for her children they should hear this story about what’s going on today.

Exchanging news and views with old and new friends is what keeps us going. And who knows who we will meet at the next stop for supper.

Save some chairs, move over a little and we’ll soon arrive to join the talk, tell some tales and share some laughs all while we finish up that cup of chili.


Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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