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Reader’s Forum — 10-14-13

Support for city Republican candidates
Before the last national election I changed from Democrat to Republican. One of the many reasons was that I was shocked when the Democrats wanted to take God out of their platform. Because of things like that I decided I wanted to become more aware of what was happening around me and I am very concerned about what has been going on in our city!
Why is it that Councilman Devin Rhyne has made motion after motion to cut the tax rate and has been voted down every time? Every other town around us has a lower tax rate than we do and most of their down towns are thriving!
Mayor John Gilleland has lobbied to cut spending while maintaining services, yet spending keeps going up. Both Gilleland and Rhyne spoke out against a $2 million police department that I just don’t think we can afford right now. I believe strongly in recycling and both Gilleland and Rhyne helped revamp the recycling program that saved the Citizens $175,000 a year!
Through all of the above, the City employees’ benefits have not been affected and both Gilleland and Rhyne have stated they had no intention of touching employees’ benefits.
Gilleland, Rhyne and candidate Jay Thomas are running on a platform to revitalize our downtown and not raise taxes. The records of Gilleland and Rhyne speak for themselves. Thomas has stated that the City should be run like a business. Their fresh ideas and platform that states “effective ideas, proven leadership” and “It takes 3” are just what this City needs!

Dawn Senter

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