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Lawsuit against county dismissed


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A years-long lawsuit between Lincoln County and the town of Maiden is finally settled.

The complaint against the county by Maiden regarding sewer-line services for the Lincoln County Industrial Park has been dismissed, Alex Patton, chairman of the Board of Commissioners, confirmed Wednesday.

County Attorney Wesley Deaton shared the news with board members in an Oct. 5 email, noting that he was happy to inform them that the legal matter will no longer be “hanging over our head.”

The ruling was announced late last week.

Maiden first filed a lawsuit in November 2007 against the county, Lincolnton and the Lincoln County Industrial Park due to their plans to shift sewer services to Lincolnton and away from Maiden, according to previous Times-News reports.

At the center of the litigation was a 1995 sewer contract between the county and Maiden, who was treating the park’s sewage until the county went through with plans to reroute it and bring the flow to Lincolnton. Maiden had begun providing the services when the park was first built.

With Lincoln County having been one of Maiden’s largest sewer customers, town officials were upset over the loss of revenue.

Many of the original players involved in the suit are no longer with either side of the conflict. Having been delayed for years, the claim was set to time out and had to be re-filed last October to be kept alive.

While settlement discussions had taken place, an agreement could not be reached out of court.

Despite the sewer dispute, local officials have hinted that the two entities may look into negotiating a water deal.


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