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Proud to be a Democrat

I am proud of the Democrats on Lincolnton City Council. They tried to find a way to raise money to offset the loss of over $200,000 due to reduced property values. They tried the garbage collection fee that has been successful in so many other cities. When our citizens said that they did not like that method, the Democrats repealed the fee.

When Republicans Mayor John Gilleland and Councilman Devin Rhyne negotiated a series of contracts with the Republican commissioners that would cause city taxes to go up, provide free city-paid fire protection to parts of the county, sell city water to the county at a loss and overturn a decision not to annex the county Sheriff’s Office which would cost the city $50,000 in water payments, the Democrats stopped this plunder of city resources. When did Gilleland and Rhyne decide it was more important to support their Republican friends than to protect the citizens of Lincolnton who elected them? I am proud of the Democrats who are fighting to protect the city and encourage all our citizens, Democrats and Republicans alike, to take a stand against this attack on the city’s resources and its future. Our Democrats take this responsibility seriously and I am proud of them.


Deanna McGinnis

Chair of Lincoln County Democratic Party

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