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Reader’s Forum 10-4-13



Over the last 20 years of taxing and spending, our city budget has increased more under the Democrat majority than in the preceding 150 years. Now this Democrat majority on our City Council wants us to believe they’ve changed their spots. If it had not been for the urging of Mayor John Gilleland and Councilman Devin Rhyne, supporting the citizens of Lincolnton, we’d all be paying the outrageous trash tax and, yes, the red trash cans are still up as a reminder of their efforts in supporting and doing what was right.

Though it’s been tough being the minority conservative opinion on Lincolnton’s City Council, Mayor Gilleland and Councilman Rhyne have accomplished a great deal. They’ve implemented thousands of dollars in cost cutting measures for Lincolnton’s citizens and have held themselves and the other council members accountable for the decisions made when spending our hard earned tax dollars.

Accountability and responsibility are the kinds of attributes we should all be seeking and asking of our city’s leadership. Mayor Gilleland, Councilman Rhyne and a newly elected Jay Thomas will move Lincolnton forward, not mire it in the muck of past liberal mistakes.

“It takes 3,” so give Mayor Gilleland the help he needs to accomplish his goals for Lincolnton, and remember Gilleland, Thomas and Rhyne when you early vote or vote at your precinct on Nov. 5.


Gene Poinsette



 Political rhetoric: Trash the Tax

Some have said it no longer is an issue. Others have said the council listened to the people. Now that sounds like we should forget the issue and move on.

Lest we forget. I paid the fee (tax). The council still has my money. They did not listen or respond to the people. There was much opposition in the meetings with expressions concerning the fee. However, council still imposed the tax. There were potential candidates who said nothing publicly.

Enter the campaign. You can be assured that political advice was given to the candidates. “It could cost you the election.” The result: council “rescinded” the tax.

Beware! Next month, after the election, somewhere down the road, the tax could be imposed again. City Council has the power to give and to take away “at will.” They did not listen to the people before the campaign began. Will they do it again?

Council continues to follow ill-offered (imposed) advice.

To the voters: watch the actions of the candidates. Many will say whatever it requires to win the election. We need individuals who have the “real” interests of the citizens at heart. Talk is cheap but you and I have given up part of our freedom by electing to give government control over many of the decisions that we would like to have made ourselves.

James Madison said it better: “It has been said that all Government is an evil. It would be more proper to say that the necessity of any Government is a misfortune.”

Know your candidates before you vote. But vote!


Jerry L. Campbell

Former Mayor of Lincolnton

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