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Reader’s Forum — 10-2-13

Some voters ignore the facts
During the 1991 U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the Supreme Court nomination of Clarence Thomas, Sen. Howell Heflin (D-Ala) asked Anita Hill if she was “out of touch with reality.” I would pose the same question to any Lincolnton voter who mistakenly thinks that the waste fee or “trash tax” shouldn’t still be a campaign issue. The facts are simple. It was the Democrat-controlled city council that instituted the fee against the protests of our only Republican councilman and many of our citizens. Realizing that the fee would become a hot issue in the upcoming city election and undoubtedly threaten the chances of the two Democrat candidates, two of our current Democrat councilmen decided to rescind the fee before the election. Although the two Democrat city council candidates ultimately voiced their opposition to the fee, their opposition was disingenuous. Instead of immediately realizing that the fee was a mistake and showing leadership in their party by indicating disagreement, they decided to delay their statement of opposition until they could better gauge the importance of this issue to the voters. I personally hope that the citizens of Lincolnton don’t have to witness how they will eventually address this and other budget issues if they prevail at the polls in November. While the “trash tax” might seem dead, the last nail hasn’t been driven into the coffin. It can and probably will be resurrected unless we elect councilmen who will manage the city’s resources more responsibly than those who are currently in the majority.

Sam Ausband Jr.

Response to Sept. 27 letter
Ms. Howard — In response to your Sept. 27 letter, surely you jest!
Wasn’t it “your” City Council that assessed this “no tax-tax” to begin with?
Only after the realization that the citizens not only read, they also vote, did they vote on a reversal.
Face it, Ms. Howard, your council finally realized that citizens will no longer tolerate your party’s tax-and-spend leadership and a Republican-majority council may consider firing a manager that can’t manage and make a budget cut to that Downtown Development Association money pit. Ms. Howard, I don’t appreciate being called dirty and deceptive. I may not have the formal education that your daddy provided for you, but I am not stupid.
When I drive through this town, all I see any more is a wanna-be artsy party town that hard-working taxpayers are forced to pay for.
Yes, I have “lost the love” for the town I was born in and, through my business, supported for 35 years.
Voters: Don’t be fooled again.

Jerry Peeler

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