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Lincolnton, WL not fazed by Twitter hype

Sports Editor

Twitter is the new must-have social media tool in today’s information age, and when used properly it can be a great asset.
When used improperly, such as trash talking an opponent, Lincolnton and West Lincoln aren’t fazed.
With tonight’s Southern District 7 Athletic 2A Conference opener carrying enough weight as it is, those that have chosen to badger their opponent via Twitter aren’t being given much thought other than to turn the comments into motivation.
“We have to challenge the comments they may make, but … I don’t take any of it personally. I just use it as motivation to play harder on Friday,” said West Lincoln senior Austin May, who plays tight end/defensive line.
“It’s more motivation for all of us to work as a team and play better to win.”
Players and fans of both teams have taken to Twitter this week to add flavor to a rivalry that is 39 games old.
Lincolnton senior wide receiver Zoauntarrious Brunt has been one of the players who has gotten in on the social experiment.
To him, though, it’s all in fun.
“We’ve been preparing ourselves for this day. I leave the talking to the birds,” Brunt said. “Yeah, I talk junk on Twitter sometimes, but I play around and don’t get too serious. I’m just ready to play.”
Rebels senior running back and linebacker Charles Mack George sees Twitter as a way for players to gain a competitive edge.
“We’re just real competitive. One person tweets something, I tweet something, we just want to win. Both teams just want to win,” George said. “Off the field we’re all friends, but on Friday nights we’re not friends with nobody. It’s a big rivalry, and we’re just ready to play against each other.”
Lincolnton senior fullback Justice Charles sees Twitter as a distraction to the task at hand.
“A lot of guys talk on Twitter. I guess they’re trying to stir you up and make you not focus, but we’ve just got to focus and win and not pay (Twitter) any attention,” he said.
Senior Lincolnton linebacker Tanner Cantrell, who isn’t on Twitter, he said, summed up the trash talking quite succinctly: “It’s just another game everybody wants to win on their way to the top.”
George agreed.
“To me, it’s just another game,” he said. “You’ve got to go week-by-week. It’s a rivalry, it’s Lincoln County, it’s going to be a big game. But every conference game is going to be a big game now. We’re just taking it week-by-week, game-by-game.”

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