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Festival over, library ushers in fall season

Guest columnist

There’s a special rocking chair reserved for me on the Elmore porch during the Apple Festival and those who approached it heard, “you can’t sit there, it’s Kathryn’s chair.”
Well, how lucky can you be? I settled in that chair to watch a street full of people parade along West Main. Many came on the porch and talked. I visited with them, ate lunch and then I cuddled a smiling baby and rocked him in that chair.
It was a good day even if I couldn’t walk through town and mingle with the crowds. Much was going on that I would have liked to have shared.
The nearby Presbyterian Church offered day-long activities that would have been interesting and very entertaining. I could have played Bingo at the Cultural Center, visited the booths and food courts along the courtsquare and watched the children ride a camel.
This annual festival offers much to the crowds that come each year to walk the streets, some pushing strollers while carrying bags of apples.
Colorful umbrellas dotted the crowd, but most just kept moving along. The rain was light and the temps held OK for a stroll.
Summer is officially over and with the fall season comes many activities to keep us on the move. The library launched the first of many programs planned to inform and entertain on Monday evening.
And the folks who heard author Bob Inman talk about his career as a writer and TV personality agreed that the evening was well spent.
He gave a brief review of his latest book and then read a short passage from, “The Governor’s Lady.” It was just enough to trigger our appetite for our own copy.
Inman also talked about his early years in Alabama and how his family and favorite grandmother had inspired his writing today. He talked about his time spent among politicians as a reporter before and after the time the late George Wallace was governor of Alabama.
He also served as press secretary for Albert Brewer, who also served as Alabama’s governor, before coming to Charlotte as an anchor and reporter for WBTV.
He made his mark as a TV personality in Charlotte and most of us recalled his time spent there and his first book, “Home Fires Burning,” that turned into a Hallmark presentation. He has wrote plays along with other books which the local library has copies.
Inman is a talented writer, a gifted speaker and a pretty good salesman.
Most of us bought his book

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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