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Chris Ameigh, my PC lifeline

Paulette Ballard
Guest columnist

How computer savvy are you? As for me, I know how to use some software programs because I had to learn them when I was working, but basically I’m pretty computer illiterate. That’s where my friend, Chris Ameigh, comes in.
I met Chris’s brother, Ryan, when our TV cable service had issues. He was the tech sent to our home to correct the line problem. While Ryan was there, I mentioned having computer problems, but didn’t know anyone who could help me resolve them (we had recently moved to Lincolnton). He gave me one of Chris’s business cards, told me he was very good at what he did and his rates were reasonable. I called Chris, explained some of my PC difficulties and we arranged a time for him to come to my home and see if he could resolve my problems.
To watch him troubleshoot PC problems is amazing. I couldn’t even keep up with the keys he was typing as he went from site-to-site. A lot of what he had to do took 15 to 20 minutes of “waiting” for viruses and problem programs to be removed. During this time, I mentioned to him that my daughter had some problems on her computer also. While waiting for my computer to finish its tasks, he worked on my daughter’s. I was receiving a lot of help without having to leave my home!
Chris was still in school at that time, but mentioned he was looking for a full-time position upon graduation. Some months later I received an e-mail from him asking me if I would be a reference for him as he began his job search. I readily agreed because I had witnessed his talent and skills with computer problem solving first-hand.
Over the years as I have upgraded my computers and encountered snags again with my limited knowledge of “do’s and don’ts,” he has always been there for me to call upon. He has never failed to resolve my issues and his rates are still very reasonable compared to services elsewhere.
Some of the tips he has given me are to never open an e-mail from an unknown person and to always have a security program on my computer. He has pointed me to web sites which offer free downloads for helping me with troubleshooting. When I needed a new router, he downloaded a site for me to use to order my own “parts” at a better rate than having to buy from a store site.
There have been times when I thought my guardian angel was taking a much needed rest from me, but the day Ryan gave me his brother’s card she was on the job and I have been thankful on many occasions when I create computer “flub ups”.
If you ever need help with your computer issues, feel free to contact Chris Ameigh. I highly recommend his services. He works full time during the day, but when people are referred to him he helps in the evenings and on weekends as time allows. He can be reached at 980-241-9244. He is very knowledgeable, has reasonable rates and is honest and trustworthy. I’m proud to call him my friend.

Paulette Ballard collects interesting, funny and unusual stories from people in and around Lincolnton. If you have a story you would like to submit for her column, e-mail it to pballardnc1029@yahoo.com. In the subject line type “For your column.” Include your name and phone number for her to contact you.

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