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Grigg dedicated three decades to county

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After 30 years of service to Lincoln County, Assistant Clerk of Court Robin Grigg is ready to say goodbye. Grigg commenced her three-decade career in the county where she grew up in July 1983, starting out as a deputy clerk of court.
“You work your way up,” she said.
After 20 years of dedication to the position, she received a promotion, rising to assistant clerk, one of five at the Lincoln County courthouse, she said.
Her particular office primarily deals with foreclosures and estates but also includes land boundary-line disputes, adoptions, name changes and partition proceedings, among other types of hearings.
“There are so many different types of facets,” Grigg said of the job.
Born in Lincoln, Neb., the East Lincoln High School graduate moved to Iron Station with her family when she was just a baby but has lived on the eastern end of the county for some time.
“I’m a Denver girl,” she said.
While Grigg has been thinking about retiring for the last year, she said she didn’t officially announce her decision until June 1.
She teared up as she noted how in recent years, her position became more difficult as she regularly witnessed friends enter her office to foreclose on their homes.
“They (foreclosures) used to be a dime a dozen, but now it’s not unusual to do 15 on a Tuesday,” she said, “and you know the people.”
Grigg stated how she’s also not going to miss working with various family members who come to her for help with their lost loved ones’ estates.
As for her greatest career accomplishment, she remembered the first-ever jury trial she oversaw, which she described as a three-day competency proceeding.
“It was a very good learning experience,” Grigg said. “Not a lot of clerks get that opportunity in our office — maybe in a larger county — but not here. When I think of my accomplishments in the Clerk’s Office, I think of that jury trial.”
She went on to oversee three additional jury trials throughout her career.
On Thursday, friends, family and co-workers honored Grigg during a special retirement ceremony at the Lincoln County courthouse.
She said she was most excited to spend the afternoon alongside her parents, two daughters and two of her four sisters, at the event.
According to co-worker and Asst. Clerk of Court Sheila Gatties, who has worked in the same office as Grigg for the last five years, she is most going to miss her friend’s daily laughter.
Gatties not only described Grigg as a “knowledgeable” woman but also “a likeable, friendly person.”
Clerk of Superior Court Fred Hatley also offered words of praise about Grigg, saying how much he and others at the courthouse were going to miss her.
“She has really been an asset,” he said. “It’s going to be hard to replace her.”
Following retirement in six more days, Grigg said she is most looking forward to spending extra time paddle boating and kayaking on Lake Norman, where she lives.
She is also set to take on a new part-time job with the Knox Law Center in Denver with attorneys Knox, Brotherton, Knox & Godfrey.
Mother to four children — Justin, 23, Ty, 22, Alysa, 21, and Kendra, 16 — Grigg resides in Denver with her husband Blake.

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