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Board votes to move forward with WLHS lot repair



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The Lincoln County Board of Education voted to move forward with repairs to the West Lincoln High School student parking lot Tuesday night.

A contract was awarded to Diamond K Hauling of Lincolnton in the amount of $24,735 to complete the work.

Board member Bob Silver, who acknowledged that the lot was currently in “terrible condition,” questioned what accounted for the roughly $20,000 discrepancy between submitted bids, the highest of which was for more than $44,000.

Lincoln County Schools Director of Maintenance Randy Putnam said the difference lay with the suggested level of repairs, with the higher bid covering a total repaving of the lot.

However, Putnam said that likely wouldn’t be necessary.

“It looks worse than it actually is,” he said.

The surface, he said, is good, it just “looks bad around the edges.”

With the cracks in the pavement filled in and then resealed, they should be able to buy five years or so, he added.

“The foundation is still in good shape at this time,” Putnam said.

He additionally confirmed his confidence in the low bidder.

In other School Board action at Tuesday’s meeting:

  • Board members discussed looking into and potentially making changes to regulations regarding the use of cell phones in the classroom by students in order to prevent distraction, though some teachers use them for learning purposes.
  • Board members received a report on the start of the school year, with Superintendent Sherry Hoyle noting that all had gone smoothly so far.
  • Board members received a report on this summer’s Y Readers Program, with double the number of participating students from last year and a completion rate of 95 percent.
  • Board members received an update on the Child Nutrition Program, with some menu changes, including more fresh fruit and vegetable options, having been implemented by new Director of Child Nutrition Shelly Rhyne.
  • Board members approved various Policy Committee recommendations and reports.



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