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Response to Democratic candidates letter

WOW!!! Marty Eaddy wants to save money. This is a first. He was the champion of spending the county’s money when he was the superintendent of Lincoln County Schools. Hasn’t he spent enough of our county tax money? Why should we let him waste our city tax money? Where were Eaddy and Mary Frances White when Dr. Bill Hitt and Robert Tomlinson were fighting city council tooth and nail to stop the trash tax. They were there but I heard no public comments about stopping the tax.

I bet they had no ideal of ending an unfair tax until the people told them that the tax was unfair and that they were upset. I just don’t believe they will go against councilmen Dr. Les Cloninger and Larry Mac Hovis and City Manager Jeff Emory about anything to save money.

It is time for a change and the time is now. Vote Rhyne, Thomas and Gilleland.

Dale Punch


Vets for a better City Government



Stop bully pulpit at  City Hall

My parents retired as an elementary school special education teacher and elementary school principal. They encouraged my siblings and me to speak up against bullying at school, in the workplace and in the political arena.

Over the past three years, I have attended numerous city council meetings to voice my support of agenda items. Our Democrat majority council has resorted to “bullying tracts” and has failed to listen to their constituents’ opposition. That’s why I voiced opposition at council meetings and wrote editorials.

I was astonished to read Marty Eaddy and Mary Francis White’s comments in the press clarifying their position on the garbage tax. My wife has accused me of selective hearing, listening and memory lapses. That’s why I went to www.ci.lincolnton.nc.us to review the City Council’s June 3rd and July 11th meeting minutes. Bill Hit, Charles Eurey, I and others voiced our opposition. Neither of our Democrat council candidates spoke for or against the garbage tax. Eaddy was in the audience but was silent. White was absent.

On July 11th Cloninger and Heavner voted to reduce garbage tax. During the public comments section, I said “it’s time for our City Councilmen remember that their constituents vote regardless of party, not vote party line all the time. Vote you conscious. Y’all are grown men and you don’t need to have somebody telling you what to do.” As an unaffiliated voter, I encourage registered voters to attend our September 12th city council meeting.


Robert A. Tomlinson


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