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Time to enjoy great rocking chair weather

Guest columnist

The weather tells us that summer is not over yet, and fall hasn’t quite arrived. But the grass is getting withered and the leaves are gradually changing color.
It’s between seasons and I call it great rocking chair weather. There’s much to do but it takes a little effort to get going.
With age it seems as if energy is the first to go making that rocking chair the perfect spot. You can watch hummingbirds whizzing by the feeder, squirrels carrying acorns and never give inside chores a thought.
Why not? I think of how many years that I washed windows, scrubbed floors and chased dust. Do my windows sparkle now, floors shine and is my furniture dust-free?
No, it’s a never-ending revolving job that comes around more often than the changing seasons.
I laugh at the stories about hoarders. Check out my closets, cabinets and dresser drawers. What will happen to all this stuff that I have packed up, stuffed in corners and pushed away when it becomes someone else’s problem?
Is this where all that yard sale stuff comes from?
I sometimes think about it when I’m rocking away the morning on the sun porch. But then, as another sharp woman once said, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”
Today there’s much to be done. I can go to the library and search through all the new books that have arrived.
While there I can browse among all the rows of books just waiting to be read. I select four or five books to read each week, because if I don’t have something good to read, I begin to see lots of things that need doing around the house. And reading a good book is a much better way to spend my time.
While at the library, I always take time to admire the recent improvements. It all seems bright and shiny with more computers and new books easy to find.
There’s usually someone within hearing to help find a special book and even offer tips on your kindle or Ipad.
Sunday has been designated as Grandparents Day and who more than me enjoys being on that list. I’ll just spend some more time in my rocking chair, finishing that last book, watching the squirrels, and waiting for the “Hey, Granny” call.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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