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No-kill effort creates online petition



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Lincoln County residents can now sign a petition to save the lives of area animals.

The petition is part of a grassroots effort connected to No Kill Advocacy Center’s national movement.

A year ago, Jena Healy, of Denver, started a local effort to make the Lincoln County Animal Shelter a no-kill facility.

She has already held meetings for area residents, educating them on the topic, and has met with local leaders, including the Board of Commissioners, to convince them a no-kill shelter is the way to go.

According to the group’s Facebook page, “Make Lincoln County No Kill,” the county shelter has a kill rate of 53 percent. A no-kill facility must maintain a 10 percent kill rate or less.

The local petition, found on change.org., needs 4,704 signatures, the site said. As of late Tuesday afternoon, nearly 300 people had signed it, including local residents from Lincolnton and Denver as well individuals from both out-of-county and out-of-state.

However, previous attempts to turn the county shelter into a no-kill facility have failed, Animal Services Manager David Workman said, and an official vote on the issue has never taken place in Lincoln County.

Creators of the site noted on the petition page that they would rather have county tax dollars contribute to animals’ adoptions and care rather than death.

Some people have even listed their personal opinions on the website for why they support the request.

Catawba resident Dane Smith wrote that “all innocent creatures deserve to find a good home.”

Fellow no-kill supporter, Chris Bryant, of Charlotte, said he can’t understand why killing is even an option.

Raleigh resident Kelley Buck agreed.

“There has to be another way,” she said.

Within the next month, Healy wants to develop reasons she can present to local leaders about why saving animals and adopting them out is a better option for the county.

For additional details on the local or nationwide movement, visit makelincolncountynokill.org or nokilladvocacycenter.org.

The group is also on Facebook under the title “Make Lincoln County No Kill.”

To view the Lincoln County petition, visit change.org/petitions/the-commissioners-and-animal-control-of-lincoln-county-nc-stop-killing-healthy-animals-by-implementing-the-no-kill-equation.


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