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Reader’s Forum — 8-30-13

Contracts a bad deal for city

I want the citizens of Lincolnton to know what the Mayor, Devin Rhyne and  the County Commissioners are trying to do through a series of contracts between the City and the County.
The mayor has agreed with the County Commissioners to sign a contract that would  charge the City of Lincolnton $270,000 a year for 911 service and $147,000 a year for animal control services. The citizens of Lincolnton, as residents of Lincoln County, already pay county taxes to cover these services. This would add 4.25 cents to the city tax rate to cover these double charges.
I hope the citizens of Lincolnton will agree with me that this is an unfair charge, and that they will let their voices be heard.

Carroll G. Heavner
Lincolnton City Council
Ward III

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