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Helping hands a real benefit to others

Guest columnist

It was a fundraiser for a young couple who lost most of their house and its contents in the recent flood, but it was also a real benefit for those of us who showed up.
The barbecue (donated by a local restaurant) was seasoned just right, the buns fresh, the sweet tea cold and the crowd noisy. The talk was loud as most of us were catching up with longtime friends.
Folks kept coming and going, eating and talking and I kept going from table to table because I didn’t want miss anyone or anything.
There was also a lot of work going on with lots of apron-wearing helpers moving from one post to another, some carrying plates of food and others watching over the melt-in-your mouth homemade cakes.
But then, many folks had contributed to this evening that could only be called a success.
Coming home I began to think about all the work that it took to bring about this successful event and wondered how many times these same folks had done it before.
It’s surely no secret about helping hands around here and all across Lincoln County. The weekly column Around Town published by the Lincoln Times-News has many notices of coming events that benefit others.
What is seldom published is all the behind scenes work that makes the day successful.
Labor Day looms, school is back in session and summer all gone. It seems as if it was a short summer but we will likely have some more warm weather.
Don’t put away all those short sleeves yet. Some old folks are saying that the heat is yet to come because the wet season kept the temperature down.
I never gave much thought to old sayings. But there are folks who seem to read the signs and sometimes get it right. We never hear it again if it’s wrong.
But then again, we have to have something to talk about because the real news of the day is almost too unreal to discuss.
When we finish discussing the strange summer weather, we can talk about people. Small people-that-is there’s always news about the small people in our life.
Did I tell you about that great-granddaughter who can now take several steps, or about that great-grandson who is now in the second grade?
Wait, wait, don’t go I haven’t told you about my smart god-children who returned to school this week.
Helping hands, good schools and grandchildren always make good talk when visiting with friends.
Watch out for school buses, do what you can to help others, keep your good friends close and when talking always mention the small people.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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