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County to conduct drinking water test


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Participants are currently being sought for a lead- and copper-testing program by Lincoln County Water Treatment Plant workers that will help determine the safety of their drinking water.

Required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the state, the testing is typically done locally every three years.

Public Works Director Don Chamblee said his department is looking for about 10 or 15 more samples, in order to reach a total of 65.

“As the distribution system continues to grow, the requirements to obtain more sample locations increases,” officials noted in an announcement of the program.

Those participating in the testing must be current water customers of Lincoln County Public Works and have homes built before December of 1985, with original copper plumbing in place.

If qualified for and accepted into the program, participants will receive a $10 one-time credit toward their next water bill after each test.

Once selected, participants will receive a survey form to fill out and a container for the sample, which must be collected early in the morning. A county worker will then pick up the samples and send them off to the state to be analyzed at no cost to participants. When the results are received by the county, they will be provided to the homeowners.

“This program is to ensure that your drinking water is within required water-quality parameters for lead and copper,” officials noted.

Those interested in participating in the lead- and copper-monitoring program should call (704) 483-7082 or (704) 483-8301.



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