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High praise for those who entertain others

Guest columnist

The Cultural Center stage looked like a real beauty shop Sunday afternoon complete with a shampoo bowl, dryer, boxes of hair rollers and magazines.
It was ready for the Lincoln Theatre Guild’s version of “Steel Magnolias.” The stage was ready; the cast was ready and the audience seated and ready to be entertained.
We were not disappointed. Most of us were familiar with the story having seen the movie several years ago. Some of us could relate to the warm friendship shared by this group of women who gave each other strong support.
The well-chosen cast of characters played their part in presenting this drama before an appreciative audience.
High praise for those who spend their days on stage and off entertaining others. We all need some amusing afternoons among friends.
August is almost over and the fall season is headed our way. White, hot pink and lavender crepe myrtles are in full bloom and dogwood leaves are turning bronze.
Shorter days bring early darkness, weeds to trigger sneezing time and humming birds whizzing by their feeders.
Lots of activities this week as schools are readied for the next session. Teachers are busy preparing. This has been a really wet summer. Few will be sorry to leave this wet season behind. We were plagued with too much rain that drenched crops and damaged homes, bridges and many roads.
Farmers couldn’t make hay. Not enough sunshine to dry the green foliage. Other farm crops were hurt and gardeners complained about ruined produce, tasteless tomatoes, cracked and rotting on the vine. Few beans were worth picking and melons busted open before getting ripe.
We can’t control the weather, the daylight hours nor weeds that make us sneeze, but we can take advantage of things that entertain us like a Sunday afternoon at the cultural center with friends watching others perform.

Kathryn Yarbro is former managing editor of the Lincoln Times-News.

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