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Need your help

Sports Editor

Hey guys, I need your help with something.
Starting out fresh at a newspaper can be tough, especially when it comes to keeping up with athletes who have moved on from the high school ranks and are currently living out their dreams playing in college.
I only know of a handful of student-athletes currently playing at the next level –– former East Lincoln quarterback Garrett Young is at Mars Hill, and former North Lincoln defensive football standouts Paul Regan (North Lincoln) and Patrick Randleman (Lincolnton) are at Lenoir-Rhyne –– but I’m sure there are plenty more.
I want to compile a list of Lincoln County natives currently playing a fall sport in college, just so I can keep up with them and, on occasion, keep you guys abreast on how they’re doing.
If you know anyone, in any sport, from here on a collegiate roster, please drop me a line and let me know at sports@lincolntimesnews.com, or ryanherman@lincolntimesnews.com.

• Follow me on the Twitter machine: If you have Twitter and want to know what’s going on in and around Lincoln County, please follow us on Twitter at @LTN_Sports.
There was already an LTN Sports Twitter account created before I arrived here, but it’s not being used –– It was @LTN Sports. If you follow that account, please add mine.
I haven’t been tweeting a whole lot recently because, 1) there isn’t a ton going on competitively, and 2) I’ve been hard at work to bring you a great preseason football section (more on that in a moment).
So, one last time, if you have Twitter, please follow @LTN_Sports.

• Football preview time: The Lincoln Times-News’ annual preseason football section will publish in Wednesday’s edition. So, if you care anything about local high school football, get a copy. You’ll be happy you did.

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