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The story of two adoptions

Guest columnist

As told by Harriett Cunningham

I work in an attorney’s office and we have a client who came to us with several situations going on in her life. She needed our services from time-to-time and we came to know her quite well.
As I was exiting the courthouse one day I saw her leaving from her court hearing. We stopped to talk and I said to her, “Are you pregnant?” She confirmed that she was, but that her family wasn’t aware of it yet. I inquired as to what she intended to do and her response was, “I really, really don’t know. There is no way I can afford another child and I have no idea what I’m going to do.”
As her pregnancy progressed she talked with us about it. She decided it was in the best interest of the baby to give it up for adoption to someone who could offer it a better life than she could.
We began working with her and informed her of what was involved in the adoption process.  We interviewed her and questioned her about what she was looking for in the adoptive parents. Our office made it known that we might have a baby available for adoption.
She interviewed the couples extensively and narrowed the list down to one couple. The couple she chose were looking to adopt a girl and our client had just been told her baby was indeed a girl. The adoptive couple was ecstatic and we were all excited that the situation was working out so well.
We did all the legal work for her and acquired an attorney for the other couple. (Two attorneys have to be involved in an adoption process.)
The day she went to the hospital to deliver the baby, we spent eight hours waiting for the birth. Afterward, all parties involved signed the appropriate papers to legalize the adoption.
Surprisingly, the nurse then came to the waiting room and asked us if we would like to see the baby. We couldn’t believe we were fortunate enough to get to see the newborn. She was an absolutely beautiful little girl. The adoptive parents took pictures of all of us holding the baby. The baby’s mother didn’t want to see the baby for understandable reasons, but when I was allowed to see her she asked, “Is the baby okay?” I smiled at her and told her, “You did good. She’s beautiful and healthy. You don’t have anything to be worried about.”
We recently received pictures from the adoptive parents. The little girl is a year old now and the family appears blissfully happy. I am so proud to have been a part of helping this young lady help her child.
Our office still handles the legal work for the mother. We arranged for her to attend classes and she has now received her GED. Her plans are to continue her education and go to nursing school. We absolutely love this young woman and we’ve worked very hard to be her support team. I guess you could say “our office adopted her first” then helped her secure adoptive parents for her child. Seeing the potential she had, it was our pleasure to help her begin a new life.

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