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Sheriff attends training program


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Lincoln County Sheriff David Carpenter recently attended his third state Sheriffs’ Association’s Annual Training Conference since voters put him in office in December 2010.

The 91st North Carolina training event for sheriffs took place the end of July in New Hanover County, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Carpenter looks forward to putting into practice the new ideas, skills and leadership concepts he learned at the conference, attended by sheriffs from North Carolina’s 100 counties and state and federal officials from the N.C. Supreme Court, Governor’s Crime Commission and State Bureau of Investigation, among other agencies.

Jamie Markham of the UNC School of Government and Rick Rosenthal, a nationally known media relations consultant, served as the event’s guest speakers.

In addition to reviewing updates to state laws, the 2013 General Assembly State Budget and changes to the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), speakers discussed the importance of keeping a direct line of communication with media outlets.

“How to deal with the media and to be honest and straightforward in all incidents and not to hide or cover up anything,” Carpenter said.

The Lincoln County sheriff most enjoyed the public safety items available at the event — items beneficial to both the Sheriff’s Office and Harven A. Crouse Detention facility.

Conferring with others in the criminal justice field, conference attendants were given a rare opportunity to share their experiences and expertise with one another at the training.

Carpenter particularly pointed out in an agency press release that sheriffs frequently deal with numerous issues through their county leadership role but are also focused on public protection.

“Sheriffs in every county of North Carolina are facing tremendous challenges in carrying out their responsibilities for law enforcement and the safety of our citizens,” he said.

Issues he noted include maintenance and operation of local jails, recruiting, training and maintaining talented personnel, working with domestic situations and child abuse cases, serving civil papers, tracking sex offenders in the state, issuing weapons permits and providing court security.


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