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Woman accused of threatening juror appeared in court today

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A woman accused of threatening to kill a Lincoln County juror appeared in court today.

Gaston County officers arrested Stacie Danielle Hargette, 31, of 8715 John Gladden Road in Charlotte, on Saturday, according to Lincoln County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Larry Seagle. She was issued a warrant for harassment of a juror.

According to Assistant District Attorney Michael Miller, who expressed his disgust over the incident, Hargette made the threat to the female victim as the two were leaving the courthouse on Thursday.

“I find this behavior absolutely reprehensible and completely unacceptable,” Miller said. “No citizen should have to worry about their safety or security as a result of serving on a jury.”

The juror had been part of a jury that convicted Hargette’s husband that day, Miller said.

An arrest warrant stated the suspect told the juror “I know you, (expletive); I will kill you.”

The victim immediately reported the alleged threat to a bailiff, who took her back up to the courtroom where Hargette’s husband had just stood trial.

The victim recounted the incident to the judge, Miller said.

The Lincoln County prosecutor also noted he called Sheriff’s Lt. Tim Johnson, head of Criminal Investigations, after learning of the threat and asked him to conduct an investigation.

“I will not allow the integrity of our (judicial) system to be undermined in any manner,” Miller said.

The consequence for harassment of a juror, a class I felony, is up to two years in prison for any person with a prior record, Miller said.

Without previous convictions, Hargette will likely receive a suspended sentence, Miller said.

She remains in the Harven A. Crouse Detention Center under a $30,000 bond.

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